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The Tring Book Festival has got a wonderful variety of shows for all tastes.


The Tring Book festival is taking place across multiple venues, from schools to museums & pubs. 


The Festival has finished for another year.

We're so lucky to have had such a wonderfully successful festival this year. The line up was amazing and the attendance was extraordinary. Hugh thanks to everyone who joined us - whether author, publisher, agent, volunteer, ticket holder or one of our frazzled members of staff. It's been a massive rush to put something so brilliant together in such a short amount of time. Here's to next year!!
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The Court Theatre
Built in 1878, this theatre was originally a riding school. It is surrounded by the wooland estate of Pendley Manor. It was established as the Court Theatre in 1978, roughly 100 years after it was built.
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Desborough Hall
Tring School has superb school hall ideal for our book festival, with on site car parking.
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Natural History Museum
In 1892, Sir Walter Rothschild opened this purpose built museum to the public, allowing his private collection of over 4,000 animal specimens gathered from all corners of the world to be viewed by the public for the first time. Today it retains its unique Victorian character, including its original floor-to-ceiling, glass-fronted hardwood and iron cases. We are delighted to be able to use this historic building as part of our festival.

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